Monday, June 23, 2014

Painting Contest

As a little bit of fun and motivation I decided to pledge painting Ezekiel, Grand Master of Librarians for a Painting Contest in The Warmaster's forums.  I've had Ezekiel for about 20 years now unpainted and in just a box of old minis.  I bought him when I was probably 13 or 14 because I thought he looked awesome and I didnt really have a concept of space marine "chapters."  Since I played Ultramarines, (you can see that at some point I scraped off the DA symbol from his book) hes stood in for Tigerius on many occasions but now since I'm all-in on Dark Angels, the figure gets the treatment he deserves!  

No illusions of grandeur, but I want to do a really nice job on it...while I'd love to give him some major weathering and battle-damage I just dont think hed fit in to the rest of the army, so I'm planning to make it nice a clean from the start.  I'm converting the banner pole from the Terminator Librarian to give Ezekiel the drama he deserves! HERE is the link to my contest post if you're interested in following!
Note the scraped off book front :(

Just after blocking in some basecoats.